We are the Bridge between Homeless and HomeWe are the Bridge between Homeless and HomeWe are the Bridge between Homeless and HomeWe are the Bridge between Homeless and Home

We are an all volunteer group that rescues, vets, fosters, adopts and transports any animal in need with a focus on puggles

About Us

Our Mission


Puggle & Friends Rescue and Transport is a 501c3 nonprofit volunteer organization that was founded to help Puggles and other breeds with medical needs, fostering, adopting, spay/neuter, education and transportation. We do not have a physical shelter and we rely on volunteers and fosters. The puggles brought into PFRT's care have a variety of backgrounds. Some are surrendered by their owners due to difficult family situations. Others have been severely neglected or make their way to PFRT via Animal Control. Regardless of their past, all the dogs that are taken into our care have one thing in common – a bright future.

Once we take on a puggle, they get a full medical screening, are brought up to date on shots, spayed/neutered, and any other medical conditions taken care of. The dogs are then assessed for their home needs. All applications are thoroughly screened and home visits performed. We make sure that the lifestyle of each family fits the personality of the puggle. Once a suitable match is found, they are on their way to their new forever home.

Our Rescue Needs


Visit our adoptable Dogs page To view available dogs. 

Transport Services


We offer transport services within a 18 hour radius. These transports are performed by volunteers and as such cannot be guaranteed to fill on an exact date specified. We try to do weekends and have volunteers host the pups on overnights. There are no charges for this service. We make sure every dog is safe during transport. All animals transported will have a health certificate.  If you would like to be a transporter ask to join!